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We guide you through sustainable change
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Select a service

After selecting and paying for a coaching package, you receive a welcome packet and questionnaire to complete and return.  Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, we will schedule our introductory welcome session call within 48-72 hours.

The Welcome Session

In this first session, the client and the coach get to know one another and establish the coaching dynamic. This is a discussion of where the client is and what they desire to achieve through coaching. We will also establish a customized schedule for the coach and client to meet. 


Coach and client will meet regularly for 60 minutes by phone or Zoom, at a predetermined time, for the length of the package. The client will call the coach to initiate the session. The coach will shape the conversation based upon the client’s desired focus for that week.


Each week the client will be assigned reflective homework related to the session to complete, as able, prior to their next coaching session. These assignments complement the learning process and support practicing concepts and tools to embody for growth. Often much of the client's integration and shifts occur within this step.


Through exploration of what is uncovered each week, the client shares thoughts, feelings, insights, and realizations that guide their direction. Between sessions, clients will begin to recognize shifts, small and large, of how they are moving forward in their process. Transformation is how the magic happens.


As you near the conclusion of your package, each client will determine with their coach where they are in their process and whether to continue with coaching by purchasing additional packages and/or supplemental services.  Otherwise, the door will remain open for a return for future services down the road. 

MANIFEST Support That Makes a Difference

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us today!

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