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What Lies Beneath?the Ides of March

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Salutations Manifesters! Tuesday was March 15th, which is known as the Ides of March. You may ask what does that have to do with life coaching? I embarked upon an in-depth discussion with my business partner, Lisa, about this very topic. For her, the Ides of March made her immediately think of stabbing someone in the back as in Julius Caesar's demise. We embarked upon a discussion about what I recently uncovered about the Ides in my own investigation of its meaning. In unearthing what lay between common knowledge and deeper truth, our coaching metaphor was uncovered.

Lisa's knowledge of the Ides of March is the most modern and best-known association yet there is more to it than the Shakespearean pop culture reference from his Julius Caesar play. The Ides of March's origins date back to symbolism of the new moon and Jupiter, the Roman mythological god of thunder. Fittingly the Ides have been associated with Roman religious rites and new year celebrations. The "Ides"literally translates to the 15th - of certain months, March included, in the Roman calendar. When I revealed to Lisa the the pre-Shakespearean notions of the Ides, she remarked that is is amazing what happens when we let go of the past idea of something know to embrace a different interpretation. She showed that our process of digging into the meaning behind the Ides of March proved an obvious metaphor for life coaching. It is through the process of questioning clients and digging deeper that we find what lies underneath. When a client searches all truth of their story, separating facts from their emotion and memories to see what is their unblemished reality, a more complete picture emerges. This objectivity is the truth illuminating our path to our authenticity. Thus, the client process is akin to research - we are always looking for what lies beneath the surface.

As Lisa and I discussed the meaning of the Ides further, she cleverly posed the question, what happens when we let go of the preconceived notions and dig deeper? Seekers of any knowledge - us researching the Ides or clients seeking their own purpose - desire to uncover the whole truth. This is the story of life coaching. Coaches ask discerning questions to assist clients to look beyond the obvious, easy or known responses. Truth is often buried under unrecognized layers of the past, excuses, and trauma that time and necessity have covered. Expert coaches are the hired detectives helping the client shine a light on the clues leading them to the answers they seek. To discover what lies beneath the surface. Coaches are entrusted confidents and partners requisitioned to hold the flashlight upon the client's new revelation to examine. This creates a sacred, trusted, space devoted solely to the client so they can find the courage to bring their most genuine self into the light.

Caesar. Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear a tongue, shriller than all the music, Cry 'Caesar!' Speak; Caesar is turn'd to hear.
Soothsayer. Beware the ides of March.
Caesar. What man is that?
Brutus. A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March.
Caesar. Set him before me; let me see his face.
Cassius. Fellow, come from the throng; look upon Caesar.
Caesar. What say'st thou to me now? speak once again.
Soothsayer. Beware the ides of March.
Caesar. He is a dreamer; let us leave him: pass.
Excerpt from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

So ask yourselves what could be possible if we open ourselves to embrace new perspectives and deeper truths? Are we empowered or disempowered? Is our view more expansive or more limiting? Are we more willing to play it safe or to take risks? Like the Ides, at first glance it may be easier or more comfortable to believe the known or immediate answer, which may also be true. Generally it proves more rewarding and purposeful to uncover the whole truth of what lies beneath. Had Caesar persisted investigating the Soothsayer's warning, "Beware the Ides of March," perhaps he could have uncovered the truth and altered his outcome.

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