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To Friend or Unfriend?

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 was National Unfriend Day, a newer and controversial calendar holiday, which Jimmy Kimmel declared in response to Facebook social media trends. I have heard both arguments for and against unfriending on social media. Reflecting upon the new phenomenon in the digital age, I have a few reflections about friendship to share.

  1. Reflect upon what friendship means to you if you have not in a while. This will ensure you are choosing friends who align with your meaning of friendship. This does not equate to having friends who are solely like you, but those who add value to your life and wish to invest in exchanging energy to enrich your lives.

  2. Are your current friends aligning with your values? (If you are unsure, consider reflecting upon your values AND your friendships.)

  3. We choose many friends for many reasons. Do you blur boundaries between friends, acquaintances, mutual interest buddies, classmates, business colleagues? It’s okay to have combined relationships that support your values, though you may need more separation between categories to help your alignment.

  4. Take a moment to consider how you are performing as a friend. All relationships have two perspectives.

  5. Consider unplugging and connect face-to-face, in writing, or on the phone to reconnect with those who are meaningful to you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unsure about your alignment, values or relationships, reach out to for the support you deserve. Simply visit to get started. Elevate your life from the status quo to status WHOA!

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