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Spring Forward

Dear Manifesters! The Spring Equinox is nigh and cabin fever is at all-time high. Soon we will be trading in our snow shovels for garden trowels to usher in marigolds, daffodils and hyacinths. As variants slow and Covid melds into part of the landscape as much as tulips and ramps will, mask mandates loosen and we emerge from life post-hibernation. For some of us this means returning to where we left off, for others an opportunity to forge a new path. Either way, we seem poised to defend this brave (#SupportUkraine!), uncertain, newish world. The palpable, unavoidable feeling of wanting to sprout through the frozen tundra and bloom fully echoes two big events this weekend: Daylight Savings time and Plant a Flower Day (both March 12).

These first rites of Spring coincidentally mirror the coaching client's journey when one views the seed as the client's intention and the growth plan as the client's action. The size of the seed and step do not matter; the value lies in choosing any action at all. Honoring the Springtime initiatives of this weekend, Manifest Coaches urge you to pick the seed you want to nurture and bloom for maximum, sustainable growth. What is the one thing you most wish to change, accomplish or manifest in the world? Chose that and you have your seed that you can start to germinate. We will tend your plant alongside to help you choose the best tools, fertilizer, soil, light and anything else to help you grow your idea into action. Naturally, your hands may get dirty, yet you may enjoy tending a garden of your unique design.

"Bloom where you are planted." - Mary Engelbreit via Bishop of Geneva, Saint Francis de Sales

If you are unsure what seed to nourish or how to begin, try asking yourself, "Which of my desired actions might benefit or improve me the most? Or which has the greatest influence to direct me where I want to grow?" Planting is not about outcomes, though the harvest is always a goal, even when it looks different than originally hoped. Building a garden is about planning to create the ideal conditions for sustainable growth. In that aspect, gardening is an appropriate metaphor for life coaching. Coaching may provide the ideal conditions, such as guidance and support, for each client to discover their personal plan and ingredients for their garden to flourishes. On this journey, the client, like the gardener, uncovers their path by breaking down their growth plan into steps, like paving stones, which help to maintain and measure their progress.

Once you determine you choose your initial seed you may hear internal excuses rising and you are not alone. "I'm too scared, too old, too young, too busy, too poor, too incapable, too undeserving, etc.," is the internal soundtrack for many of us. The practices obtained from working aside a life coach can empower you to excise the fear voices which have blocked your path to success much of your life. Excuses are like common weeds, reoccurring everywhere and seemingly impossible to control, and fear is the fertilizer feeding them. Your coach will support you to find the right tools to recognize your excuses and fears and acknowledge them, so you will know how to pluck them from stifling your blooms. Imagine what you could choose to do with your life if there was nothing impeding your path?

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. " - Audrey Hepburn

As you begin hoeing your garden, each step of planting and nurturing your seed will demonstrate progress, though you may need help to recognize it. Each progression needs acknowledgment like plants need soil and water. Tracking your movements forward will yield proof that you are indeed growing! The more evidence of change the higher your level of confidence will rise. Nothing can unstick you from feeling stuck by tending growth from seed to bloom.This methodology of gardening self-care will yield significant progress and knowledge of your growth cycle and allow you to expand one hopeful seed at a time.

A great place to start sowing your seeds for harvest is with Manifest Group Coaching. To tend your garden of dreams a safe, sacred space is required. This space provides secure practice unfolding your authentic purpose, one leaf at a time, while receiving the support you want and deserve. Shake off hibernation and spring into action starting April 26th at 6:00 pm CST. A superb introduction to life coaching novices, this amazing Manifest Group Coaching Introduction is only $99 ($385 value!) for five 1-hour group sessions. This provides you with a certified coach and a support group for less than $25 a session. Follow the season and spring forward by planting your seed for growth. Book your Manifest Group Coaching Introduction today for just $99!

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