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Practice Intentional Magic

I experienced magic recently. It happened while I was planning my year. Yep, you heard me. Me, the woman who would tell anyone willing to listen that she could not be confined by a schedule. I can hear my former self saying, "I'm a creative, a writer, I cannot be contained by rules!" True, that I am a creative and a writer, the other declaration was both a defense for the myth I sold myself out to avoid failing. I could justify it all as nothing was holding me accountable. Thus, it may be shocking to those who know me, to hear me say I am consciously charting my course for 2022. What might be more surprising is that I am excited and inspired in doing it. That shift from thought to action is part of the magic that results from creating intentions.

Intention is living purposefully. On purpose, with purpose. Proactively, responsibility, intuitively. -Rhonda Britten

I began thinking about planning for 2022, when my astrologer, Lisa (book a birth chart reading on this very site - gave me a birthday reading in October of 2021. My year around the sun was guided by routine, duty, and organization. The greater message was the great benefits for years to come if I could embody these practices. Frankly, it sounded a bit dull for a birthday forecast, until I began to contemplate what that truly meant. How these foundational elements I had resisted my whole life were a method to incorporate my purpose. From the work I had begun two years previously, I realized this wisdom was a key to freeing myself to explore new methods to manifest my desires.

So how would I begin to incorporate duty, routine and organization in my life? My office and my closet organization were easier to imagine than my calendar and schedule, which were not regular practices either. So, how would I transform thoughts into practical application?When it comes to research ideas and creating, I can slay all day. When it comes to the practical switch from thought to action, I often get muddled. So where to start? I know, I will remove expectation and craft some intentions!

As I began to shape my focused intentions to forge my path ahead areas, I began to get excited. I was taking the first little steps outside my comfort zone toward manifestation. It began to dawn on me that some boundaries and scheduling would open space in my calendar and my brain by cleaning up unnecessary clutter. I could also hone direction for each focus area, health, work, and intuitive. Suddenly, fear of the new was replaced by the invigoration of possibility.

“An unintentional life accepts everything and does nothing. An intentional life embraces only the things that will add to the mission of significance.” John C Maxwell

During coach training, I learned quite a bit about intentions and their powerful magic. I discovered that if I do not actively practice them, my mindset, my productivity, and even my emotional state derails. I become stagnant. My goals lose focus and I revert to acting reactively rather than proactively. Intentions are the motivation and accountability which propel us to movement. Also, unlike affirmations and goals (although worthy endeavors), intentions emphasize the journey rather than the outcome. When you don't know where or how to start, but you know you must move forward, start with an intention.

Intentions, by design, assist us in evolution. They can help you to become someone or to accomplish something. In my case, I wanted my ideas to align with my values and be fruitful. That requires a plan. By intentionally living, I learn how to schedule, honor my commitments, and develop routines to fulfill my purpose and productivity. To set myself up for success, I anchor my new awareness with guiding principles to keep me accountable.

At the Fearless Living Institute training, all coaches learn to start each intention with "I am willing to practice . . . " followed by a specific action or state of being. Creating intentions revealed a journey of discovery for me. I realized I lived in a state of expectation most of my life. With that knowledge my awareness expand and my intuition was proved. Practicing my intentions revealed the true direction of my soul. This was not about "have to" or "should," this was about choice. There's that magic again.

Often we start with broad intentions and drill down. For example, "I am willing to practice building routine and schedules to support integration of my values into all areas of my life." This broad intention is a compass to keep me moving and accountable to practicing. Writing your intentions down also adds a deeper level of integration. As a living mantra, my intention must be visibly posted to remain present and hold me accountable to it. I might create 1-3 supporting intentions to align goals with my primary intention. An example would be, "I am willing to practice setting aside focused time to write out my weekly calendar every Sunday morning". My broad intention serves to harness all other intentions, almost like a mission statement. The smaller ones link to the regular behaviors I develop to add another layer of reinforcem


We need specific and measurable actions to keep us on our paths. "I am willing to practice scheduling a vigorous walk three times a week to improve my exercise habit," supports my health focus. "I am willing to practice scheduling time for 3 check-in calls with potential clients a month," supports my work goals. You can have several intentions to assist multiple ares of your life. It is not perfect, but thoughtful progress, which bears results. To become

It's amazing how much you can learn if your intentions are truly earnest." Chuck Berry

triumphant there are a few necessities to govern intention creation. Each intention must be:

  • About you

  • Thoughtfully crafted

  • Written out

  • Deliberate and Specific

  • Visibly posted

  • Accountable

  • Worked

That last piece, "Work

ed," means a written intention remaining in a closed notebook will not aid manifestation. You must revisit it to remind yourself the how's and the why's of your journey and your purpose. If you are not living your intentions in some way, you are not honoring yourself or remaining accountable to yourself.

Remember to be gentle with yourself. Intentions are not about perfection or results, they are about process and practice. When we create intentions we plant seeds for practice. When we practice, we act. When we act, we manifest.

For me it started with Lisa's reading for me, which planted a seed. Then I began to reflect upon the message and write about it. Then, I wrote intentions. Slowly I began to act upon those intentions. I began my office remodel by looking on the internet for DIY office ideas. Then I began using my planner (which I purchased a year ago by the way for this purpose). Next I committed formally to my fellow Certified Fearless Living Coach, Jen DuBois ( for her Ignite Your Vision Board Workshop (see picture of me with my vision board to advance my actions and commitment. In Jen's indispensable workshop packed with the essential how's and support, I shared some of my intentional mission for 2022 with the participants. PRESTO! The magic began.

Due to my intentional preparation for the workshop, my engagement and my outcomes were amazing, but beyond those the workshop itself, was exquisite. By the day following the workshop, the seeds I planted in advance began to bloom. That next day, Sunday, I discovered I loved having time to plan and organize my week. Did I plan my whole week successfully - no. Did I start, yes? Was that further than I ever had planned before - yes! Was I inspired, empowered, creative and feeling amazing - Absolutely! Are the benefits continuing like ripples in a pond? Yes! I accomplished more, desired to continue, and focused solely one celebrating what I DID do. That magic made me overflow with abundance. And it all started with an astrological read and a willingness to practice being intentional.

If you read this article and think, I can write intentions and practice them, do not deceive yourself into believing that is all you need. This is a tool with a foundational basis and many layers. You must commit to do the work of finding your purpose if you want to live intentionally. Especially if you are feeling stuck, stifled or unsatisfied. I invite you to hire me as your Life Coach. I only found my path to intentional magic after being a client of life coaching before becoming a coach. You have to crawl before you can walk. Do you want to achieve more, do more and be more? Then you are ready to accept life beyond limitation and engage in life coaching.

If you still feel hesitant, take the first step with others. Consider group coaching before you advance to private coaching. Group coaching is a perfect first step to dip your toe in the waters of life coaching. Stay tuned for the our February group coaching announcement on 1/20/22. Bring a friend with you. Take the first step at I promise a safe and respectful space to begin exploring your true purpose. I guarantee you will not be disappointed by practicing your own intentional magic.

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