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What if we could declutter our life the way we clean our closets, eliminating what we no longer want or need? For most of us, clearing space for what we want is perceived as an overwhelming investment of time, emotion and effort in introspection. In Marie Kondo’s Kon Mari method for tidying up, I noticed her home organization expertise is not just applicable to straightening up closets and cubbies, but one’s life. Today we can embrace National Give Something Away Day by decluttering our heads and hearts to acquire the freedom to live purposefully.

Letting go gives us freedom, and freedom is the only condition for happiness.
-Thich Nhat Hanh

To her 12 million plus followers, Japanese organizing guru, Marie Kondo, espouses efficiency wisdom. For most of us, clearing space for what we want is perceived as an overwhelming investment of time, emotion and effort in introspection. Yet, Kondo's tips for tidying provide a method for revealing the messiness of emotions, excuses and unfulfilled expectations, sort them and discard what is keeping us stuck. Only then can we embrace who we truly are or want to become. So let’s apply principles of the KonMari method to learn to release our clutter and embrace our best life.

To throw away what you no longer need is neither wasteful nor shameful. Let them go, with gratitude.
-Marie Kondo

Manifest Makeover for Letting Go: Using Top Tidying Tips from Marie Kondo

  • Imagine you ideal life (style). Let your imagination run wild. What is it that holds you back from your ideal life? What will support you in becoming your best self and living the life you desire? Time to reflect and introspect will help you identify what you need to keep, discard and acquire.

  • Organize and declutter solo. While securing cleaning partners may seem like a great idea, other’s influence and opinions can bring forth feelings of guilt or shame when releasing past behaviors. Nevertheless, this should not deter you from getting what you want by investing in your own choices. It can be shocking to our friends and family when we don't do things as we've done them before. Change unsettles most of us, so it's important that we make our choices and get comfortable with them before we introduce them to others. Once we're comfortable, we can invite others to share our journey. Once you are ready to share and engage in a conversation (or two or three) to share the “why” behind your actions, it can be easier for others to rally behind your cause and garner support.

  • Let go of the past. When letting go of feelings, ideas or, even, ways of being that no longer serve us, we create space. In that space, we can build, nurture or grow. Practice navigating change while showing compassion toward yourself and others. And remember that letting go is a process. Some things will be easier to release than others; start with those.

  • Commit yourself to tidying up . . . your life. What is taking up unnecessary space? What is not working that you’d like to set free? What works and what holds you back. What will enable you to fully commit to becoming your most authentic self? Pick one thing you want to let go of and start with that. Write it down. I am willing to let go of . . . and then commit to a time and place to release it and reflect upon what you wish to fill up your new space.


One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began . . .
Mary Oliver, “The Journey”

Today, Thursday, July 15th is National Give Something Away Day. This year, why not celebrate by sorting what is holding you back from what benefits you, saying thank you for lessons learned, and let go of the old to make room for the new. If you are saying yes to letting go, but wondering how do I actually take action? Hiring a life coach is an ideal solution. Book your FREE 15 minute consult at now and make space for you!


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