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In the past two years, I have learned much about gratitude. Not only the meaning, but the power behind practicing gratitudes. As a coach and a client of life coaching, there is much to discover in the art of practicing gratitude. This can be an especially helpful tool at a time of year when pressure, expectation, and overwhelm can accelerate our often self-imposed pressure to do more, celebrate more, and be more. Coaching is a way for me to live with gratitude daily by supporting clients. When clients learn gratitude and a healing and reflection to make beneficial choices and live with intention, they will reap the effects at the holidays and anytime.

So if you are feeling stressed and not so blessed this holiday, Coach Carolyn is available for one-on-one coaching sessions to support you. Book your session today at and let Coach Carolyn know you need some one-session laser coaching to identify why it the season of cheer is giving you the seasonal blues. She will be grateful to support you and you will be thankful you gave yourself the an overdue gift of devoted self-care from a coach designed to hold space just for you.

To celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, I invite you to take some time to reflect upon what you are truly grateful for as there may be more than you realize. Her is a list of what I am most grateful for:

  • My Clients - past, present, and future - for allowing to support them in their unique journeys and witness their discovery along the way

  • My Besties & BFF - You bring the magic to our life's journey and I am awed by how lucky I am to know and love you

  • My Infinite 8's - To my sisterhood of coaches who anchor me when I need grounding, listen when I need to talk, support me on my journey, encourage me in risk and allow me the pleasure to do the same for each of you

  • My Business Partner - without you I would be an idea not a reality, two steps behind instead of two steps ahead, and half of a whole so thank you for all your bring to our shared journey

  • My Family & Friends - by blood and choice - you make life meaningful and fun with your circle of love, laughter, and support

  • My Husband - your humor, reliability, and partnership make each day worthwhile

  • My Experiences - I am grateful for all the career, relationships, spiritual and learning experiences and adventures, heartache and hurrahs to keep me learning, growing, risking, and authentically challenged

Happy Thanksgiving!

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