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“I've worked with Carolyn for about four months. Week after week she had patiently helped me to move from the wheel of fear to the wheel of freedom. She's very genuine and I really felt how much she cares for my growth, but more so my inner growth. It's been such a great joy to have her as a coach and I highly recommend her! She's officially my favorite coach️.” 

Viviene Bigornia,  Founder of The Fulfilled Women, The Philippines

Service: 12 Session Package

“Carolyn is much more than a coach,  she's able to dive into layers of relatability that ease you into a rolling conversation. Along this path, exploring yourself, she starts to draw out your mechanisms for holding back. With compassion and purpose,  together, we took steps towards ideas and with her enthusiasm, I forgot my fears and started to execute goals.  Only later,  sitting in absolute awe, I realized the dramatic swift in my power she guided me to accomplish in a short period of time.” 

S.  Kirmani, Project Manager, Virginia 
Service: One-on-One session

“A good listener. Remembers everything. Patient. Thoughtful. Informed and knowledgeable. She let me speak my truths before she spoke. The things she challenged in me generally yielded change.”

Gaby Johnsen, North Carolina
Service: Book Group - 10 sessions  +  Life Coaching -  3 sessions

“Fighting and frustrated with myself over how to proceed with a lifelong dream, Lauren swiftly and methodically guided me to a solution, action-oriented approach to get me started. With her knowledge, skills, and compassion, I was able to let my guard down for the first time to allow someone to help me. I trusted her. She has an incredible love for people. With her deep knowledge of leadership and  communication, along with her unique intuition, she represents the most valuable coach, one that helps you gets things done.” 

Sophia Maria Nawab
Trainer & Intuitive Coach

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