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“Part of being successful is about asking questions and listening to the answers.”  -Anne Burrell
  1. What Is a Life Coach? 
    In the simplest terms, a life coach is a trained professional dedicated to supporting you in identifying whom you want to become and how to get there. A life coach skillfully asks challenging questions and engages in conversation to assist you in getting where you want to go. Within this process, you release the answers deep within you. You lead the conversation where to go and the coach is a trusted confidant holding up a mirror to reflect your revelations.  A life coach listens for what moves you, what keeps you stuck, and supports you to achieve the life you desire.  

  2. What is a Certified Fearless Living Coach (CFLC)?
    A CFLC is a life coach, who has obtained 75 or more coaching hours and fulfilled a 9-month rigorous training program with the Fearless Living Institute (TM) to graduate with a CFLC credential. The CFLC is skilled in supporting clients to uncover their fears, which keep them trapped in their comfort zone while discovering the freedom to grow and embrace their best, most authentic self. CFLCs distinguish themselves by helping clients gain lifelong wisdom and a fearless lifestyle to move forward in the direction of their dreams.  

  3. Doesn’t a life coach require a huge time commitment?
    The commitment is one hour per week for the coaching session, plus any time allotted for homework, introspection, and practice per each client's schedule and ability.  You will achieve maximum benefit by honoring your investment in yourself, your time, and your energy. 

  4. Isn’t life coaching expensive?
    Life coaching is an investment. Any service employing a skilled professional (private instructor, therapist, consultant, etc.) devoted to gain insights, tools, and wisdom to yield sustainable change costs money, time, and energy. Ask yourself instead what is the value of empowering myself to live my best life? 

  5. What is Astrology? 
    A natal chart is a map of the placement of planets and stars at the moment of birth. See Intuitive Coaching Page.

  6. What is Tarot?
    Tarot is the practice of divination by the reader to interpret the wisdom of the higher self of the questioner utilizing a deck of Tarot cards containing.  See Intuitive Coaching Page.

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