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Certified Life Coach

Raising Authentic Voices and Making the Invisible Seen

Lauren coaches aspiring individuals to reach new heights. Whether helping clients to communicate their true voice, grow their innate talents, expand their leadership capabilities, develop their career, resolve conflict, build relationships, or organize their life, Lauren offers more than 30 years of experience. As a master professor, motivator, connector, facilitator, and consultant, Lauren's impressive professional accolades built a solid foundation for her life coaching. Lauren hopes to elevate her coaching offerings to include a client retreat devoted to aligning and healing the complete self - soul, mind, and body. 


Whether a client wants to uncover what holds them back, build

confidence to move forward, or uplevel skills and talent, Lauren can support you to live the life you truly want. 

An avid yoga practitioner, Lauren also follows Ayurvedic, Chinese medicine, and other natural, whole health approaches to diet and lifestyle. 

Lauren and her husband, Jeff, both communication professors, spent much of their career coaching students to develop pinnacle speech skills, whether for professional, dramatic, cultural, and creative expression. Together, they enjoy exercise, travel, nature, gardening, community involvement, and are avid patrons of the arts. They especially love to entertain friends, family, and colleagues at their beautiful, welcoming home in the western suburbs of Chicago.  


If you want a guide who is . . .

  • A compassionate coach ready to champion you on your path to
  • An inspirational coach who helps you recognize opportunity and expand possibilities

  • Able to hear your internal voice and wisdom and help you raise it with confidence

  • An empathetic listener whom inspires you to build awareness beyond self-imposed limits

  • Help you acknowledge nudges leading you toward your best self

  • An intelligent communicator willing to dive deep for you to reveal what motivates and moves you

  • Willing to hold you accountable to honor your commitments to yourself

Clouds in Sky

“Fighting and frustrated with myself over how to proceed with a lifelong dream, Lauren swiftly and methodically guided me to a solution, action-oriented approach to get me started. With her knowledge, skills, and compassion, I was able to let my guard down for the first time to allow someone to help me. I trusted her. She has an incredible love for people. With her deep knowledge of leadership and  communication, along with her unique intuition, she represents the most valuable coach, one that helps you gets things done.” 

Sophia Maria Nawab
Trainer & Intuitive Coach

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