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As sisters, Carolyn & Lauren always imagined collaborating to create sustainable change. What began at a yoga retreat in 2019 led these sisters on the ultimate fearless journey to become certified coaches in 2021. This feat further galvanized their intrinsic purpose. Through their arduous and illuminating coach training, seeds of a business partnership began germinating. In January 2020, the stars aligned them with Lisa, whose abundant skills and talent were the missing links to transform this trio's professional dreams into reality.

Together they are Manifest Guides and they are here to unite you with your own unique destiny. 

our mission

We are committed to offering the best comprehensive life coaching that empowers you to achieve your most authentic self and fearlessly pursue your highest personal potential.  The Manifest Guides team provides expert guidance that empowers you with tools and methodologies to chart your course for your chosen destiny.

Meet The Team

Carolyn Nivling

Life Coach

Lauren Morgan

Group Coach

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Designer + Astrologer

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